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I first met Leanne and Ian when Leanne ran up to my stall at a wedding fair in Harrogate. It was so nice to see her happy and excited face, so enthused about her wedding plans. When they told me they had planned to have a hand-fasting ceremony at their Camp Katur wedding I was extra giddy too! I love Camp Katur; it's outdoorsy and rustic, and I could tell Leanne and Ian were going to plan something amazing there, and they didn't disappoint.

Bride and Groom making silly faces to the camera, fun and natural photography

Alternative Wedding Style

After sharing some of their wedding images online, I received numerous enquiries about Leanne's dress. She bought her magical, floaty crochet dress from a small business on Etsy. The relaxed style of the dress paired with a flower crown suited their venue and festival-themed wedding perfectly. Ian complemented her perfectly and wore a very suave brown 1970s-inspired suit.

Bride and groom celebrating getting married in woodland wedding ceremony. Bride is throwing up her arms in excitement and looking towards her friends and family who are clapping.

Woodland Wedding

Camp Katur offers the perfect Outdoor Wedding space to hold your ceremony. Surrounded by trees, the Woodland Chapel creates a peaceful atmosphere for your guests. Leanne and Ian's close friends conducted a very personal service for their ceremony, followed by a group sing-along. Given Leanne's background in theatre and TV, it came as no surprise that there was some theatrics involved.

Bride giving her wedding speech at Camp Katur. Bride is smiling and laughing. She is wearing a white crochet wedding dress and flower crown.

Festival Wedding Weekend

As the name suggests, Camp Katur is all about camping—or glamping. Not content with just one day, the Cooks invited their friends and family to stay for the full weekend. Taking advantage of the amazing camping space and glamping pods Camp Katur has to offer, their guests pitched up for the weekend and celebrated in style.

Planning a Camp Katur Wedding?

I would love to shoot at Camp Katur again. If you're planning a Camp Katur wedding and love our work, get in touch.

Camp Katur Wedding Photos

Close up detail photo of colourful flowers in wedding bouquet. Wild flowers and foliage.
White crochet boho wedding dress hung outside from a tree at Camp Katur
Glamping pod at Camp Katur in the middle of a field.
Wedding guests sitting outside a glamping pod eating breakfast. One of the guests is inside the glamping pod having a shower.
Wedding guests inside glamping shower pod with shower cap on and giving two thumbs up.
The brides grandma inside a glamping tent the morning of the wedding. She is smiling at the camera.
Flowergirls helping dress the hay barn for a wedding at Camp Katur.
Festival wrist bands which read "Wedstock 2015" for wedding guests

DIY Wedding Details

Right from the start, this wedding was a team effort, with friends and family all helping out to make their day extra special. From making their own buttonholes, stringing up lanterns, and setting the tables, everything about the day was personal to them and handmade with a lot of love.

Bride having her make-up done before her wedding at Camp Katur. She is sat on a stool with a glass of champagne.
Bride looking in the mirror after having her hair and mak-up done before her wedding.
Bridesmaid helping bride put her veil on before her wedding at Camp Katur. Bride is wearing a white crochet dress with a green foliage flower crown.
Ceremony space at Camp Katur. Outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods. The alter is decorated with yellow sunflowers and hessian drapes.
A sunflower archway at the top of the ceremony aisle. Ceremony is outdoors at Camp Katur Wedding venue.
Large grey and black dog wearing a red neckerchief stood with wedding guests before an outdoor wedding at Camp Katur.
Wedding guests sat outside woodland chapel at camp katur waiting for the bride
Bride holding hands with small flower girl walking through the woods to outdoor ceremony at camp katur. Bride is wearing a long white crochet wedding dress and holding a large wild foliage bouquet.
Two young flowergirls walking through the woods to outdoor wedding at camp katur. Flowergirls are wearing short white lace dresses with brown cowboy boots.
Bride walking with her dad through the woods towards the woodland chapel ceremony area at Camp Katur
Emotional moment between the bride and her dad. They are walking through the woods to the outdoor ceremony. The brides dad looks emotional, they are looking at each other smiling.
Bride and groom stand with two celebrants during their wedding ceremony in the woods at Camp Katur. They are stood next to a archway of sunflowers.
Groom leaning in for a kiss with his nephew. His nephews face is all scrunched up and looks very cute.

Woodland Chapel Ceremony

Leanne and Ian married in 2015 before the woodland chapel was built at Camp Katur. Since their ceremony took place outdoors and civil ceremonies weren't legally recognised at the time, they opted for a hand-fasting ceremony conducted by close friends. Choosing a hand-fasting ceremony or a celebrant can really elevate your ceremony and make it feel super intimate and personal to you.

Bride and groom holding hands laughing during their wedding ceremony in the woods. Bride is wearing a boho crochet white wedding dress and flowercrown. The ceremony is outside in the woods at the woodland chapel, Camp Katur.
Bride and groom exchanging rings during their wedding ceremony in the woods. They are surrounded by trees and wedding guests are seated in the background watching them and smiling.
Close up photograph of bride and grooms hands tied with ribbons for the hand-fasting ceremony in the woods.
Bridesmaids crying during a woodland wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom having their first kiss    during outside ceremony in the woods. Wedding guests are in the background clapping and everyone is surrounded by trees.
Bride and groom throwing their hands in the air in excitement during their outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods.
Bride laughing during woodland ceremony. Bride is wearing a white crochet wedding dress and green foliage flower crown.
Wedding guests stood up during wedding ceremony singing. The wedding ceremony is outside in the woods at Camp Katur. Guests are surrounded by trees.
Bride and groom walking back down the aisle after outdoor wedding ceremony at the woodland chapel, Camp Katur. Guests are clapping and smiling and everyone is surrounded by trees.
Groom laughing and smiling at wedding guests as he walks with his wife down the aisle.
Bride and groom lead wedding guests to the meadow at Camp Katur for the drinks reception.
Natural photograph of bride smiling at wedding guests during the drinks reception. Bride is wearing a relaxed white crochet wedding dress and green foliage flower crown.
Wedding guests enjoying drinks reception at the meadow in Camp Katur
Alternative wedding guest with long hair and wearing a large hat. He is sat down in the meadow at Camp Katur during the wedding drinks reception.
Wedding guests drinking champagne in the meadow at Camp Katur during the drinks reception
Large group of wedding guests enjoying drinks reception on the meadow at Camp Katur. The meadow is surrounded by tall grass and trees.
Two older ladies sat on a hay-bail inside a teepee cuddling their grandchild.
Natural photograph of a bride laughing in the woods at camp katur. She is wearing a foliage flower-crown and a white crochet boho wedding dress.
Black and white photograph of a bride and groom walking away from the camera and into the woods. They are holding hands. The bride is wearing a long white veil and is holding a large wedding bouquet. They have just been married at Camp Katur
Bride pushing groom in a wheelbarrow. Both of them are laughing and smiling. The groom is holding a wedding bouquet.
Outside of the hay barn at Camp Katur. Wedding guests are stood outside chatting.
Wedding guests looking at a wall of polaroid photos which have been hung up with string in the hay barn at Camp Katur.
Flowers and fairy lights hanging from a white washed brick wall in the hay barn at Camp Katur.
A wicker hoop hung from the wooden beams inside a wedding barn at Camp Katur.
The Hay Barn at Camp Katur dressed for a wedding.
Brightly coloured flowers in a vase next to a bottle of wine. Table dressed for a wedding at Camp Katur.

Hay Barn Wedding Reception

After spending the afternoon in the meadow, guests headed over to the Hay Barn for speeches and food. The natural light pouring through the Hay Barn is a photographer's dream, and the original brickwork of the barn adds so much warmth to the images. Leanne and Ian chose subtle styling for the barn, with natural vine hoops hung from the wooden beams and bud vases scattered across the room

Three wedding guests laughing and being silly during wedding breakfast.
A tray of about 20 Jägerbomb shots held by a wedding guest.
Waiter offers a wedding guest a Jägerbomb shot from a tray.
Father of the bride stood up giving his wedding speech whilst looking at his daughter, the bride.
Wedding guest wiping tear away.
The top table at the wedding holding glasses in the air to cheers all the guests during the speeches.
Bride hugging wedding guest in the hay barn, camp katur
Flowergirl sat on grandads lap watching and smiling listening to the wedding speeches.
Bride making hand horns and winking at the camera. Bride is wearing a flowergirl and relaxed crochet wedding dress. This photo was taken during the speeches at a wedding at Camp Katur.
A wedding guest raising a toast with a  jagerbomb shot.
Bride and groom raising a toast after the wedding speeches. They are both holding a jagerbomb shot and looking to all their guests.
Older wedding guests blowing out candles on a birthday cake as everyone around her sings happy birthday.
Bride laughing and smiling during her wedding speech.
Bride giving a speech at her wedding. She is stood at the top table addressing her friends and family. The speeches are taking place inside an old barn at Camp Katur.
Wedding guests raising a toast
Large grey dog stood with wedding guests outside the Hay Barn at Camp Katur.
Bride on the floor wrestling another wedding guest
Bride and bridesmaids pose behind a large DIY wooden photo frame hung from a tree.
Male wedding guest wrapped in blanket stood outside the Hay Barn at Camp Katur. The wedding guest appears to be cold.
Wedding guest wearing a t-shirt that reads: Always look on the bright side of life.
Bride making bunny ears behind the grooms head and smirking at the camera.
Wedding guest on the floor pretending the play the guitar with an umbrella.

heavy metal first dance

Nicely fueled on the ever-flowing Jagerbombs, the night drew darker, and guests retreated inside the Hay Barn for the evening festivities. The stage turned into a wild scene as wedding guests joined in freely on the microphone. With their first dance set to a beloved heavy metal song, there was no traditional slow dancing in sight. This was raw mosh-pit energy with arms in the air and screaming into each other's faces. And I absolutely loved it!

Wedding guests smiling during evening reception at Camp Katur.
Groom sining into the microphone with another wedding guest holding a guitar.
Bride and groom enjoying their first dance together to a heavy metal song. Bride has her arms in the air and is facing her husband smiling.
Bride and groom singing loudly whilst enjoying the wedding band after their first dance.
Bride being spun around by a wedding guest. The bride looks happy and is smiling. She is wearing a white crochet wedding dress and foliage flower crown.
Heavy metal singer wearing a leather steampunk top hat singing into a microphone.
Bride dancing with her dad on the evening of her wedding. Both bride and dad have there hands thrown in the air enjoying the music.

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