Updated on: 5th November 2020

All this crazy boring talk is definitely not what we want to be discussing about right now but I just want to re-assure you we are taking things seriously. In no way do we want to panic anyone but wanted to make sure you have all the information if you ever need it. Then we can go back to talking about all the ace photos we are going to take and bets on who will get the most drunk.

Things are changing on a daily basis but as it stands at present it is business as usual for us guys and if you are still going ahead then we’ll be right there with you. Although we may hold off on the hugs and opt for a good ole fashioned elbow bump haha! Points to anyone for coming up with more creative gestures!

Changing your date

We understand its a huge decision to make but if you are considering moving your wedding date we are here to help. We would still absolutely love to shoot your day so we will try our very best to accommodate this and work alongside your venue and other suppliers.

Please stay in touch with your venue, ourselves and other suppliers so we can hopefully get another date in the diary that works for all, so everything can click right back into place. If your venue and / or other wedding suppliers wish to chat directly to me then I am more than happy to help take some of the crazy admin off your hands.

Weddings rescheduled from early 2021 to late 2021 there would be no postponement fee. We no longer have availability for weekends in 2021.

Weddings rescheduled from 2021 to 2022 would incur a £100 charge as per paragraph 19 of the contract. We are currently half way booked for 2022 and a lot of our peak weekend dates have now gone.

As a small business, I hope you understand our decision to continue with our postponement fee. If we do find a new date that everyone is happy with then everything will stay the same just the date of your wedding will change on our agreement – simples!

My best advice would be to see what dates are available with your venue(s) first and then drop over a message to let me know what dates you are considering.

Considering things are changing all the time, having a plan B and a back-up date is not a bad idea and could potentially relieve a bit of stress if things do happen to take a turn for the worst.

Back-up Dates

A lot of wedding venues are offering back-up dates which can be provisionally booked incase you have to change your date at the last minute.

If you are in a situation were you cannot officially move your date yet, this is a good idea to relieve some of the stress and take back some control over your day.

If you wish to see a copy of our current availability please let me know.

We are totally happy to accommodate a back up date. However because we have a lot of couples to organise we are managing this is on a first come first served basis.

Your back up date will be put into our spreadsheet and other couples who are also enquiring for new postponement dates will be made aware that this date has been provisionally booked.

As it is a back up date and not an official date change this can still be made available to other couples who need to officially change dates.

For example:

If another couple needs to officially move their wedding date and your back up date is the only date that has been made available to them by their venue.

In this instance we would have to give your back up date away.

We are trying to be as fair as possible in this situation and luckily up to now we have had no problems and everyone has been able to swap dates without no fuss YAY! We will keep in touch with you throughout the process and make sure you are updated. We just need to make everyone aware of this.


As it stands payment is still due on the agreed date in our contract, but please let me know if there are any problems with this.

If you are still yet to pay and decide to move your wedding date:
To help with payments we ask that 50% of your remaining balance be paid on the agreed date, with the following 50% to be paid 1 month before your new date.

For example:
If you are due to get married on the 2nd May but decide to postpone until 21st November.
50% of your remaining balance would still be due on 1st April.
The remainder then due on the 1st October.


We hope it doesn’t come to this but if you feel this option would be for the best and you wish to cancel my service entirely, unfortunately I would not be able to offer you a refund as per paragraph 17 of the contract.

If you havent paid the balance yet you would be required to. Cancellation less than 12 weeks before the date of the wedding will require payment in full. All cancellations must be in writing.

We are trying our very best to ensure we can accommodate new dates for all our couples. As we have a lot of couples to organise, we ask that you keep us up-to-date on the situation so we can make sure the process is super easy for you both. After all we would still absolutely love to capture your day! 🙂

If we are unavailable on your new wedding date and you need to cancel our services we ask that you firstly refer to your wedding insurance policy. We understand these are unprecedented times and would hate to impact anyones financial situation so we will try our very best to find a solution that works best for all.

Scaling Down

If you are considering scaling down your wedding we are now offering shorter coverage packages.

If you’d like more information please visit our pricing and packages page.

If you have already booked a full day coverage package with us this can be changed.

What if we become ill?

At present, myself and Kurt are fit and healthy and taking all the necessary precautions to stay that way. We are pretty boring and work from home a lot so self isolation isn’t new to us haha. However it would be naive for us to say that we will be fine and not to worry about us becoming ill.

In the event one of us becomes sick we would never want to put you or your guests at risk. So as gutted as we both would be we would then take the necessary steps to ensure you had someone to cover your day.

We are part of a big network of brilliant fellow photographers and videographers and if we were unable to be there we would find and carefully brief someone else to shoot your day. We would still manage everything and deliver your photos/video (e.g. We would do the editing, deliver your images/video and send your USB pack). Your overall service would not be impacted and you’d still have a beautiful set of wedding photos and/or video.

We can also offer you a full refund in this instance if you wish to find another photographer/videographer yourself. We would be happy to give recommendations if needed as we are all working together on this.

The party will go on!

My number one priority is your safety, and the safety of your loved ones, family and friends. I also want you to have the best day ever, to be relaxed and to fully enjoy it with all your favourite people. So whatever you guys decide Im totally on board with and still very much looking forward to documenting your day!

Lets keep washing those hands and stay positive!

Feel free to drop an email or call if you have any questions.